About Us

At All 3 Realty, we treat our residents like family.

Each and every member of our talented and passionate staff at All 3 Realty got into this business for one reason and one reason only: we truly love real estate and enjoy helping people navigate it on a daily basis. We get up in the morning because we’re excited about what we do and want each and every one of our clients to be excited, too. That’s why we work so hard to manage and maintain the largest number of desirable properties in the area. We get to help two distinctly different groups of people at the same time all work towards the same goal. Not only do we get to manage some of the best properties on the market for property owners to help take care of the day to day operations, but we also get to place families and individual people in these homes so that they can start making wonderful memories there.

“Couldn't be happier with the services that All 3 Realty provide, they have been managing a property since 2014 for me, and have always been amazing. Couldn't recommend them highly enough.” - Chris E.

Meet the Team

Pamela Coley » Broker / Owner
Trent Ratliff, RMP & MPM » Owner / President of Management, Associate Broker
J Arthur Coley » Owner / Acquisitions Manager
Kayla Sharp » Property Manager, Realtor
Jake Schwab » Maintenance Manager
Felicia Gilmer » Realtor
Robin Slicker » Communications
Nicole Batiste » Realtor / Leasing Specialist