Resident Benefits Package

What does this mean for you as a resident to be apart of the “Resident Benefit Package”? More value & protection!

  1. Renter’s Policy: All 3 Realty has established an umbrella policy that will give all residents under this policy a $100,000 liability and $5000 in content coverage.  This service alone is valued at around $20 a month.
  2. HVAC Filters:  When renting a single family home, the resident is expected to maintain the filters while under contract. This means the resident has to know the size and remember to purchase the filter at the store. NOT ANYMORE! All 3 Realty has worked out a plan with a third party filter company that will deliver time stamped filters to your home. You just have to switch out the filter upon receiving the new filter. This is a value of over $10 a month.
  3. Claim Assistance: The deductible for a Renter’s policy is $500 for a claim. All 3 Realty will split this deductible with the resident should the resident need to file a claim.
  4. Tenant Portal/ Payment Processing: As resident’s many of you pay through the portal. All 3 Realty is unable to maintain this cost of this convenience. All 3 Realty is going to add this as a benefit package. Value $5 a month.
  5. Texting Capabilities: All 3 Realty has invested in software that will allow the resident to get immediate responses through texting our office number. We realize that many resident prefer to text and not email, so we added a service called Podium to allow you to communicate with our office in your preferred way.
  6. Waive of 1 Late Fee: All 3 Realty realizes that over the course of a year lease that a resident might require a couple of extra days to pay. Because of this, All 3 Realty will waive one late fee per contract year if the funds are paid before the 10thof the month. Value $100.
  7. Rental Kharma:Do you want to have your rent payments reported to the credit bureau? You can now use Rental Kharma to log in rent and raise your credit score. Our discount rate is 30% with Rental Kharma. Upon being apart of the RBP, we will provide you with the discount code for All 3 Realty residents.