Current Resident FAQ

  • How do I pay my rent and when is it due?

    Please log on to your online portal to make your rental payments. Rent is due on the 1st and considered late on the 5th. The late fee is $100.00. Rent + Late fee must be paid in full before the 15th to avoid dispossessory action.
  • Where is your office located?

    Our offices are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

    Georgia: 103 Hickory Ave, Fayetteville, GA 30215

    Alabama: 772 Monument Drive, Millbrook, AL 36054
  • Who do I know who to contact?

    Please find our Employee Team Roster under the Meet the Team page to find out who your best point of contact is.
  • Where do I submit my Notice to Vacate?

    Please use this link to submit your formal Notice to Vacate
  • Where do I submit maintenance requests?

    We do not accept maintenance requests over the phone or via email. Please log on to your online portal to submit maintenance requests.
  • What is the Resident Benefit Package?

    The RBP is a program that was launched in September of 2019 to provide better service to our residents and owners. Includes 90 day HVAC filter delivery, Renters Insurance & more. Please see Resident Benefit tab for more info!
  • I need to break my lease, what happens next?

    • You need to submit your Formal Notice to Vacate here
    • You will be required to pay 1.5x the rent at the time you submit notice
    • You will forfeit your deposit for non-fulfillment of the lease term
  • How can I remove ONE occupant off of my lease?

    When you were approved, you were approved together. In order to remove one occupant from a lease, the following ALL must be completed.
    • Leaving occupant must submit their Formal Notice to Vacate on their online portal
    • Leaving occupant must pay a $250.00 administrative fee at the time of notice given
    • Staying occupant must pay a ½ months rent additional deposit (subject to be returned at end of lease term)

  • Am I allowed to have a pet?

    Yes, majority of our owners allow pets (as long as there are no HOA restrictions). We determine a monthly pet rent. Please view the Pet Policy tab for additional information
  • Am I allowed to make changes to my property?

    Yes & No. If you are looking to make changes to your property (painting, wallpaper, etc) you will need to submit this request to including photos and descriptions of these changes.
  • I would like to ask the owner for aesthetic upgrades at my home, where do I begin?

    Many of our residents have lived in their homes for 3+ years. Over time things can get worn. If you are looking to ask the owner for an upgrade to your property, you must first complete a self-instructed Z Inspection report & send a detailed list of upgrade requests. You can send your list and request your Z inspector report by emailing Once these two items are received, we will be happy to forward to your owner to see what we can do about getting an approval.
  • Am I required to handle lawn maintenance?

    Yes, per the lease, residents are required to mow, edge, blow & treat weeds at their residence. HOA’s do require additional measures such as fresh mulch & pinestraw as well.
  • How can I ADD an additional occupant to my lease?

    Anyone over the age of 18 must fill out an application for background screening. They can apply under any active listed property. Once the application is submitted, please email with their full name. Management will finalize the screening and add the occupant to the account. A new lease agreement will be processed once the applicant has been cleared