Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many units do you Manage?

    We have 932+ Homes. We are located in Metro Atlanta & Montgomery, Alabama.
  • How is your business structured?

    We are departmentalized. We do not have one Property Manager over a certain set of properties, we have a whole team that has certain responsibilities towards each property. (Example: Collections Manager, Field Manager etc.) Please view our Team Roster under the Meet the Team page to see our list of employees.
  • Property Management Fee:

    Management fees are based on different factors, please contact Kayla Sharp to discuss your projected management fee.
  • Do you manage short-term rentals?

    No we currently do not manage short-term rentals. Our minimum lease length is 12 months.
  • Do you have a minimum monthly fee?

  • Do you charge a management fee if the property is vacant?

  • Do you charge a management fee if rent is not collected for that month?

    No, we pull our management fee from collected rent, if your resident is delayed in rental payments, we do not charge our fee until received.
  • Do you charge a Tenant Placement Fee?

    Yes, TPF determined on a case by case. Which includes professional photos, 360 degree move in report, rental processing through FinDigs (industry leader) and executed lease.
  • Do you pay Taxes, Insurance & HOA Dues (if applicable)?

    Yes, we have the ability to pay these bills. We charge a $5 monthly fee for Postage and petties.
  • Do you charge a lease renewal fee?

    Yes, our lease renewal fee is determined by multiple factors, please contact Kayla Sharp for additional details.
  • Do you have an owner On-Boarding or Off-Boarding Fee?

    No, we do not charge for Move in Or Move out Inspections
  • What is your vacancy rate?

    Our average vacancy rate was 2.22% for 2021
  • What is the average stay for your residents?

    2.6 years
  • What is the average days on the market for a newly listed property?

    7-14 days for Georgia, 30-45 Days for Alabama (Holiday season can change these averages)
  • What is the process for late payments and/or eviction process?

    Rent is due on the 1st, Considered late on the 5th at midnight, If payment is not made in full by the 15th along with late fee, we charge a $200.00 dispossessory fee and file with the courts ( The first step in the eviction process) If payment is not made in full for the rent, late fee & dispo fee the eviction will take place. We do coordinate the entire process.